Which printer costs the least in ink cartridges?


If you regularly use a printer, you must have realized that sometimes ink cartridges are more expensive than the printer itself. If you're looking to save money, you've come to the right place, because we'll show you the printers that cost the least in ink cartridges.

How do I optimize ink cartridge yield?

This is the question every printer owner asks, how to find a model that does not consume a lot of ink. Indeed, we see many consumers stunned when they realize that an ink refill costs the same as a small multifunction printer.
To save ink, there are a number of tricks that can save a few pages on a refill. These tips include buying unofficial, cheaper cartridges.

How do I optimize ink cartridge yield?

That 's the question every printer owner asks , how to find a model that doesn't consume a lot of ink. Indeed, we see many consumers stunned by realizing that an ink refill costs the same as a small multifunction printer.
To save ink , there are a number of tricks that can save a few pages on a refill. One can count among these tricks the fact of buying unofficial cartridges, less expensive.

However, some manufacturers such as HP use technology that only makes it possible to use official brand cartridges . It is still possible to use third-party cartridges for other manufacturers, such as Epson for example. 

Another way to save ink is to buy XL cartridges . All printer manufacturers offer high-rise ink or toner cartridges. These offer the possibility of printing more and thus reducing the cost per page, with manufacturers offering a discount for the purchase of XL consumables . 

In any case, inkjet models , the best-selling printers and therefore common for home use, quickly become expensive in ink cartridges . You may know this, but some manufacturers only make money on ink and not on printers. This is why the cartridges are so expensive, and unprofitable. 

However, there are printers designed to last , and offer consumables capable of printing several thousand pages , all for less than an ink cartridge. 

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Ink tank printer models

The main printer manufacturers have embarked on a new type of device, little known today. These are cartridge-free printers , which are refilled with ink bottles, and no longer cartridges. Among the major brands, we find the EcoTank range for Epson, MegaTank for Canon and Smart Tank for HP.

This new type of printer makes it possible to print an exceptional number of pages , for a very low cost . Generally, a single refill bottle of ink can print thousands of pages , without compromising the print quality, print speed, wifi connectivity and other essential assets of a conventional printer.

These cartridge-free printer models are available at a higher price than a conventional inkjet model. Prices range from 200 for an entry-level model to over 700 for an ink bottle printer capable of printing very high quality photos.

Overall, a good printer of this type costs around 300$ . The acquisition cost is much higher than a classic multifunction printer. However, these printers can print thousands of pages with consumables at the same price as entry-level inkjet models, which can only print a few hundred.

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Which model to choose?

Below are the top 3 ink bottle printer models . In our opinion, these are the models that offer the best value for money , but above all those that cost the least in terms of ink cartridges.

Epson EcoTank ET-2750

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The favorite model of the EcoTank range , the ET-2750 combines the strengths of the other models into a complete printer, always with good value for money. An impressive yield with approximately 7500 pages for a bottle of black ink, 6000 for a color bottle.

With an integrated LCD screen , the printer is very easy to use on a daily basis. Wifi connectivity is also present, in order to print from a connected device. The high resolution of 5,760 x 1,440 dpi allows for optimum print quality.

Clearly, the best model of the brand, a safe bet for those who wish to acquire an ink bottle printer.

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Canon Pixma G6050

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Surely the most famous cartridge-free printer, the Canon Pixma G6050 is renowned for its ability to print a lot of pages with a refill. Approximately 7700 pages for a color bottle and 6000 for a black ink bottle.

With a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi , the printer is able to print documents, photos, images, diagrams with excellent quality. It is also a wifi model that easily connects to the network , in order to be usable from a smartphone.

The only drawback of this printer remains its design, as well as the lack of a screen to facilitate access to the settings. Otherwise, it's a reliable model and a great ink-saving deal.

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HP Smart Tank Plus 555

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HP is less present than Canon and Epson in the market for ink tank printers. However, the HP Smart Tank Plus 555 is a model that ticks all of our boxes, print quality, connectivity, performance and value for money.

With the presence of a fax function, this model is one of the most complete. The yield of 10,000 pages in black and white and 8,000 in color allows an unbeatable cost per page . The prints are also of very good quality, with a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. Paper capacity is also improved on this model, with a capacity of 250 sheets of plain paper.

Clearly the best printer in the Smart Tank range, the printer just lacks a screen. HP has indeed removed it to offer a more competitive price. This allows the printer to display a pretty crazy value for money.

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The advantages of these printers

  • Print quality : For printing color photos and images, inkjet technology is clearly superior to laser. Ink bottle printers are designed with this technology and thus allow, with high resolution, to print photos and images with incredible quality.

  • Cost of consumables : At first glance, it does not seem real, consumables at 10€ each, capable of printing thousands of pages. However, ink tank printers have this incredible advantage. An extremely low cost per page which makes it possible to quickly make the purchase of a printer of this type profitable.

  • Avoid ink drying : One of the disadvantages with a traditional inkjet model is the ink drying in the cartridges. If you use your printer little, you have surely already seen this situation, where the ink dries out, and where you have to replace the cartridges. With a cartridge-free model, the ink does not dry out and saves you from this kind of problem.

The inconvenients

  • Acquisition cost : This type of printer is obviously more expensive to purchase than a classic model. However, with the efficiency of the consumables, it is easy to make a return on your investment.

  • Less compact models : Many people appreciate a printer, especially for the home, that it is compact and space-saving. Unfortunately, ink bottle printers are generally quite large.

How about comparing with a traditional inkjet printer?

Finally, we are simply going to compare the cost of an entry-level inkjet printer with an ink bottle printer . In order to optimize this comparison, we will take the average cost of purchasing a printer, as well as consumables.

The average cost of a good printer without a cartridge is 300$, as well as 10€ each for the bottles. For a classic inkjet printer, the purchase cost will be $60 for the device and €15 each per cartridge. In terms of performance, a bottle of ink can print around 6,000 pages, compared to 200 pages for a standard cartridge.

First, we will calculate the cost per page with the different types of printers. For an ecotank printer for example, the cost will be 10$ / 6000 pages, so 0.001$ per page . With an entry-level inkjet printer, the cost will be $15 / 200 pages, so 0.07$ per page .

Second, we will compare the cost of consumables with the same printers, for a household. With children's prints for school, photocopies for administration, prints for work and to print some photos. Let's say the printer prints 30 pages per month over 3 years.

With an inkjet printer, it will be necessary to change the 4 ink cartridges 5.4 times to print 1080 pages (30 pages x 12 months x 3 years). Each refill costs $60 ($15 x 4 cartridges). Clearly we will have to replace the cartridges 5.4 times for an amount of 60 $, which makes a total of 324 $.

With an ecotank printer for example, the calculation is simpler. A refill costs 40$ (10$ x 4 bottles), and the printer 300$. The latter easily prints 1080 pages without the need for a refill. Thus, the cost to print 30 pages per month will be less than 40$, because the printer will still be able to print 5000 pages.

Conclusion – It is possible to find a printer with cheap cartridges!

In short, the new printers without cartridges offer what many consumers want, to have a printer that does not cost more in cartridges than its purchase price .
Admittedly, the acquisition cost of this type of model is higher, but allows real savings to be made in the long term . What's more, these printers are designed to last much longer than conventional inkjet models. Your printer will therefore be able to accompany you for more than two to three years, the average lifespan of an entry-level model.