Printer review: comparison, opinion and test of the best multifunction printers

Owning a multifunction printer is essential today, whether for work, home or school. The problem is that there are several for different possible uses, so making a choice could be difficult. This is why we have created this site, in order to guide you and offer you a selection of models that may suit you.


Why buy a multifunction printer? Whether for work, study or home, you will necessarily need to print or photocopy. It is necessary, even mandatory for certain documents to be able to present a paper version. As said above, today you no longer need to run to a shopping center, a media library or any place where a printer / photocopier is available – and often paying. Economical and now available at a reasonable price, a multifunction printer is an investment that will necessarily pay off, it also has many advantages that will save you time and money.


Time saving: Speed of printing, ease of use, a multifunction printer is quick to set up, it can also be used via your smartphone and in most cases allows access to certain features, in particular fax and photocopying, without having to start your computer.

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